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Thomas Marguet
Ariège, France
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    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Auto-adjustement issue back with 10.4.1" geschrieben. 23.02.2024

      That was it. Last update installation seems to have wiped out username, password together with setting max lines value back to default (500). I normaly have it set to 1500.
      Problem solved

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Filtering vs adjustment... something goes wrong" geschrieben. 27.01.2024

      great, thanks !

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Filtering vs adjustment... something goes wrong" geschrieben. 27.01.2024

      no, the "jump" I see is when in visualizaion tab the filter is active, and I go in drawings tab then the shots and splays are shifted.
      It is obvious if you look the bottom right part of the survey in the following screenshots:

      Drawings tab, no filter enabled.
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-27 a? 10.01.54.jpg]]

      Drawings tab, filter enabled
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-27 a? 10.02.16.jpg]]

      Vizualization tab, no filter
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-27 a? 10.03.11.jpg]]

      Vizualization tab filter enabled
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-27 a? 10.04.11.jpg]]

      Drawing tab, filter still enabled in Vizualization but not in Drawings tab... drawings and shots/splays don't match anymore.
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-27 a? 10.04.37.jpg]]

      Filtering in Vizualization tab should'nt affect filtering in Drawings.

      I guess the issue lies within the adjustment. It looks like in vizualisation tab, adjustment in only applied to the filtered data, right? But in drawings, adjustement is applied to all data. However, when filtering is enabled in Vizualisation, then it looks like the adjustment in Drawings tab only apply to whaterever is filtered in Vizualisation tab.... make sense?

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Survey reference starts inside the cave, not at the entrance " geschrieben. 22.01.2024

      Hi Mark,

      In CRP, when a shot has RefPassage/RefStation = Passage/Station, then it is considered as a Ref point (=entrance or a junction station between 2 caves if you have filled in the RefCave column)
      if 1.0 is inside the cave, you should name it 1.0x 1.0 otherwise CRP will consider the station as the entrance. and to have your entrance placed at the actual location defined in the bottom right box (lat/long/alt), let's say it is station 1.5, you'll need to have a line with 1.5 1.5.
      Attached an example of a survey done from the end of a cave to the entrance.
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-22 a? 14.20.55.jpg|none|auto]]

      Hope this help

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Deklination" geschrieben. 19.01.2024

      I guess this is sorted now :).

      Hallo Edi,

      Sorry, I don't speak/write/read German... so it will be English or French (Google Translate is our best friend).

      I have edited your file so it should be OK but I recommend you do it again for training 🙂

      It might be misleading but in the information box "Hohlendaten", as the "Deklinaiton" and "Änderung" are not used in any calculation. After filling the "Datum", the "Deklinaiton" and "Änderung" are given but only for information (and only if you are connected to Internet) . This feature will only help you finding the correct declination data for a specific date, that's all. As I mentioned on the forum, you have to define the survey instrument :

      Go to Datei tab > Geräte > right click > Neu. Then fill the new line in with required data (device ID (your choice but as to be numerical), device name, date, declination, variation, etc.)

      I have set the Geräte based on the 1st of January of each year. But you could enter any date, as long as the data are correct for that date.

      Then in Daten tab, in you have to fill the Gerät column with the correct device IDs.
      To make this quick, select the lines using the same "Gerät" ID - lines should be highlighted - then in Werte box (top), in Spalte dropdown menu select Gerät, then in the box to the right type de GerÄt ID and click "Ersetzen". Done... then you can do the other line.

      I have used the year as device ID... simple and easy 🙂


    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Deklination" geschrieben. 19.01.2024

      Send me your file so I can have a look.
      I sent you an email in our forum mailbox with my email address.

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Deklination" geschrieben. 19.01.2024

      Presuming this isn't a software issue (I might be wrong), could it be because you only defined one Instrument for the entire data set? e.g. applying magnetic variation to 2020 data based on 1989 magnetic declinaison + magnetic variation would not be right as magnetic variation doesn't apply for a too long period of time.

      To avoid this I define an Instrument for every year.
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-19 a? 11.50.17.jpg]]

      In the data table, I assign to the data the "Instrument of the year".
      [[File:Capture d?e?cran 2024-01-19 a? 11.51.26.jpg]]

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "auto-adjustment for mutli-entrances cave doesn't work anymore" geschrieben. 28.12.2023

      Hallo Jochen,

      I still have some issues with the Auto-Adjustement for multi-entrances cave. Maybe I'm doing something wrong (?). I have 3 entrances linked together, approx 1500 survey shots, many loops. I have increased the auto-adjustement settings to something stupidly high, still no loop adjustement.
      I managed to upload my file on G-drive so you can have a look. I'll sent you the link via PM.

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Filter bug in Drawings tab" geschrieben. 04.12.2023

      I have to admit I struggle to clearly identify the bug as before the bug appeared, I found the filter feature a bit awkward and I did not like the way filter validation worked or at least the way I found to make it work. I never knew "tab" to exit would validate the filter. After typing in the new value, I would reselect the filter type in the dropbox menu... not practical but it clearly worked before the bug. I think the filter value should be validated by either typing "enter" or click on a validation button, any other way is not intuitive in my opinion (tab or click anywhere). Concerning saving filter value after it has been validated, I think the value should be saved for each filter type and not one value for all filter type. This would allow to quickly swap between two filters without typing again and again the values. This can be very useful when you have a huge amount of splays and want to see something that one filter cannot clearly segregate. Maybe you could even develop a secondary filter, to increase the filtering capacity and segregates splays. What do you think?

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "auto-adjustment for mutli-entrances cave doesn't work anymore" geschrieben. 04.12.2023

      Hi Jochen,

      Sorry for the long silence, but now back home and in front of my computer...
      To be honest I don't know what could be the best solution. For sure, if several caves are connected and auto-adjustment selected for at least one of the network entrance, then auto-adjustement should apply to this network. Now, does it has to be applied to all other surrounding caves ? It can be discussable and this answer probably lies more into the number of adjustments and computer calculation capacity. I'll see how it goes with 10.3.1.
      I'll try to make my file available on G-drive, as it start to be a big one - with multi-entrance caves, many loops, massive amount of splays - so you can use it for test if you don't have any available yet.

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Loading survey data with varying magnetic declination over time in same cave system" geschrieben. 03.10.2023

      Zitat von Mark E Tringham im Beitrag #1
      I have been loading cave survey data and merging data sets by copying and pasting into a \'master cave\' file as recommended on forum. But what happens to data declination value when you copy and paste it? Is it now using the receiving file declination or is the old declination preserved?

      The Mag Dec and Mag Var at various times and/or locations can be defined in File > "Instruments". You give each "Instruments" a unique ID. Then in your data table(s), each line can be set with a different instrument ID. To make it work as expected you also need to fill the date field as well in the data table.

      I don't have an exploration area big enough to get significant Mag Dec differences at the cave entrances of my networks and Mag Var is stable enough over a year. So I set one "Instrument" per year (i.e. 01.01.YYYY) and let the mag var and data line date deal with the calculation. But if you have some caves far appart to get significant Mag Dec at the entrances, you can set different "Instruments" for the same year but for different locations.
      I import raw data (not processed with mag dec) from TopoDroid - Can't say much about Pocket Topo as I never used it. As soon as the new data set is imported in CRP, all the new data lines are highlighted, so I use the value/replace feature to set Instrument (ID), Date, Surveyor (ID).

      Hope this help.

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Messdaten von unterschiedlichen Daten verbinden" geschrieben. 18.09.2023

      Hi Schmo,

      In my opinion, the easiest way is to consider your 3 caves as one network with 3 entrances. When I want to connect several entrances, I have all the survey data in the table of one of the entrance, then in the other entrances data table, I only have one line with the reference points to bind the entrances position to there GPS coordinates.

      Höhle 01 datatable

      entrance01 entrance01 (=ref point for cave#1)
      entrance01 1.1
      1.1 1.2
      1.2 1.3
      1.3 2.2
      2.2 2.1
      2.1 entrance#2
      1.3 3.1
      3.1 3.2
      3.2 entrance#3

      Höhle 02 datatable

      entrance02 entrance02 (=ref point for Höhle 02) and set Höhleref as 01

      Höhle 03 datatable
      entrance03 entrance03 (=ref point for Höhle 3) and set Höhleref as 01

      Hope this helps

    • Droniste hat einen neuen Beitrag "Fehler bei der Eingabe in der Datentabelle" geschrieben. 03.07.2023

      I have also observed some of these strange behaviours... most of the shutting CRP down and start it up again solved the issue. Like Andreas, I haven't been able to clearly identify the cause.



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