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Volumes are generated using survey shoot and LRDUs. To improve the cave representation, I temporarily define the splays as survey shots. It gives the cave a bit of a hedgehog shape but this improves the Volume representation in my opinion. It would be great to have the splays represented in the Volume.

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This is really desirable. Sounds like: create some triangles by connecting the splays. But it is not trivial to solve. I have to do some research.

Our mantra: ... do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, ... (Kennedy).

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I wasn't thinking about something that hard :). Maybe a first step could be to get the splays as tube (1m diameter) from the station sticking out of the volume... like a hedgedog.


Volume using splays

The glitches do so (at the moment) is that LRUD's changes due to the splays becoming survey shots... but if displaying the splays had no effect on the LRUD's, then it would be better.

This said, I like the idea of triangles joining the splays.

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#5 RE: Volume using splays. von Droniste 02.06.2021 17:25


Maybe you could have a look at Cloud Compare. This is an open source software for handling/processing point clouds (I use it for my Caveatron surveys). There are features in there using Delaunay triangulation.
Also Marco Corvi, developer of Topodroid, has developed a secondary software called Cave3D using 3 differents methods to compute cave walls.

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Hi Jochen,
I’ve been playing with Cloud Compare to create meshes from point clouds (a lot more points/vectors than with splays), and I get a far better results for cave modeling using the plugin « Poisson Surface Reconstruction » than with Delaunay based tools. Worth having a look.


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After summer holydays I will spend some time about it.

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