#1 Messpunktnummern untereinander anzeigen von OlliK 15.06.2020 23:00

Hallo Jochen,
wenn zwei oder mehr Messlinien am gleichen Punkt enden, was durchaus bei Ganganschlüssen/Rundzügen passieren kann, werden derzeit die Nummern (Layout/Beschriftung/Nummer) übereinander gezeichnet, sodass man keine der Nummern erkennen kann. Hier wäre es gut, die Nummern des Punktes untereinander (ganz toll wäre ein dünnes Rähmchen drum herum) angezeigt würden.

#2 RE: Messpunktnummern untereinander anzeigen von Droniste 16.06.2020 09:59


Hi Olik,

I read your suggestion through the translation offered by Google translate so I hope I got it right. Although I understand the issue, I tend to disagree. First because I believe a commun station point to several lines should have a unique Passage/Station identifier. Secondly, if the commun station point has a unique name and the loops/rings are correctly set, then the station names should overlap perfectly. So it is a good way to control the quality of your loops/rings. If you observe a shift/overlapping in the commun station names, even the lightest, then you might have an issue with your loop/ring settings and should investigate deeper into it.

#3 RE: Messpunktnummern untereinander anzeigen von OlliK 17.06.2020 23:15

Hi Thomas,
I agree that a measuring point should only have exactly 1 name. We often have two measurement teams in different aisles, which then meet at their start / end points. In order to be able to assign the numbering on the original measurement sheets to those in CR, new aisle numbers are assigned per team and measurement section. These then have their own measuring point names and do now overlap. At these points there would be double point names.
Perhaps it's better to make a note of the connection point on the original measurement sheet. This avoids double names and the point assignment is still documented. I think I'll do it this way.
@Jochen: Please forget this suggestion - it was too rash

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