#1 More layers than Google Maps? von Droniste 11.05.2020 17:55


Hi Jochen,
It would be great if we could get more layers available than "just" Google Maps.
I don't know if they can all be integrated but here is a list that often provides images for different library (not always but sometime then do).

- bing.com/maps/
- yandex.com/maps/
- digitalglobe (Maxar)
- Esri/Arcgis

This can be of great help as most satellite images suffer from deformation, shadows, quality, aged (in some area the environnement change a lot faster than in Europ), season (wet vs dry season in tropical area), etc.

OpenTopoMaps would also be a great addition.

#2 RE: More layers than Google Maps? von CaveRenderPro 23.05.2020 16:06


I have done first steps to integrate Bing Maps API. It will take at least 20 hours of implementation. We will see.

#3 RE: More layers than Google Maps? von Droniste 24.05.2020 12:31


Great news, thanks!

#4 RE: More layers than Google Maps? von Droniste 04.11.2021 11:20


Hi Jochen,

Did you ever pushed this any further?

Something that could be (very) interesting is to add OpenTopoMap layer. OpenTopoMap map layer is more useful than GoogleMaps map layer... OpenTopoMap has terrain/hillshade/contours and one of the big advantage is that OpenTopoMap is directly related to OpenStreetMap project and anyone can edit/add some geographical information (very practical for expeditions).

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